The Alterra Mountain Company Community Foundation is supported by a Board of Directors, two Grant Committees and the Foundation’s Director.

Board of Directors

The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of Alterra leadership and community members who are dedicated to our mission and bring a variety of skills and expertise to the organization.

As the Foundation expands, we are seeking additional Directors to serve on the Board and help advance our mission and vision. Those interested in joining the Board and supporting the Foundation’s growth are invited to reach out to the Foundation Director.

Grant Committees

Representatives from the communities in which the Community Foundation operates serve as members of the Grant Committees.

U.S. Grant Committee

Gary DeFrange, Winter Park
Steve Kerstein, Stratton
John Kohnke, Steamboat
Cristina Leon, Mammoth
Bryan Luftglass, Solitude
Jen Mowbray, Crystal

Karen Prather, Deer Valley
Kelly Rodriguez, Palisades
Clayton Shoemaker, Snow Summit/Big Bear
David Simmons, Snowshoe
Win Smith, Sugarbush
Hannah Wineman, Alterra Mountain Company

Canadian Grant Committee

Annique Aird, Tremblant
Lesley Biffin, Blue Mountain
Stephanie Miller, Alterra Mountain Company
Dave Sinclair, Blue Mountain
Kitty Thompson, CMH
Hannah Wineman, Alterra Mountain Company


Meegan Moszynski,
Foundation Director

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