Emergency Relief & Hardship Assistance

The Community Foundation grants emergency relief and hardship assistance to those in need within the communities surrounding Alterra’s North American destinations and the corporate offices in the Denver Metropolitan area. Grants are available to individuals and organizations.

Grant Criteria

Individuals and organizations in Alterra’s communities can apply for funds to support emergency expenses or provide hardship assistance.

  • Victims of disasters or those in emergency hardship situations such as pandemics, floods, fires, riots, storms or similar large‐scale events
  • Catastrophic situation
  • Necessary to meet basic human needs, such as housing, clothing, food or healthcare
  • Provides immediate assistance to individuals, or to nonprofits/organizations who help individuals
    • Temporarily in need of food or shelter when stranded, injured, or displaced due to a disaster or conflict
    • In need of assistance with housing, childcare or educational expenses due to a disaster or conflict
    • In need of assistance due to trauma experienced as a result of a disaster or violent crime
    • temporarily unable to be self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis
    • Who may otherwise require government financial support
  • Those in need due to a sudden illness, death, accident, violent crime or other emergency hardship
  • Financial difficulty not easily overcome by an individual, given their circumstances (i.e. lack of insurance, savings or a support network)
  • A need which, if left unattended, may result in significant consequences for victims
  • Available only to those who have no other resources, including resources from local community foundations or other nonprofits/organizations
  • One-time support for chronic issues; grantees can reapply for additional funds if needed



Complete the electronic form submission and include any relevant supporting documents. Applications may be submitted year-round on a rolling basis.



The U.S. Grant Committee and Canada Grant Committee each meet once a month to review applications received the previous month. (Applications may be reviewed sooner if needed.)



The Board of Directors reviews the recommendations from the Grant Committees. Upon approval, the Foundation Director works with the grantee to review the parameters of the grant and set up the payment process.



In its first three years, the Foundation has approved over $1 million in grants for emergency relief and hardship assistance



Uninsured, underinsured or out-of-pocket expenses due to a trauma or unforeseen emergency



Temporary housing, emergency repairs, loss of wages, travel expenses resulting from a disaster



Disadvantaged children, hunger relief, family refuge centers, emergency response and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to apply for a grant.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applicants may apply at any time throughout the year. The Grant Committees review applications on a monthly basis, followed by Board approval as needed. If your situation requires more immediate attention, please indicate as such on your application; we do our best to accommodate each emergency to the best of our ability.

How much can I apply for?

Each situation is unique. The amount of your grant will depend on several criteria, including the availability of additional resources, such as insurance, friends and family, local nonprofits or resource groups, etc. Please be sure to answer all questions in the application with as much detail as possible, and to provide backup documentation to support the specific dollar amount requested. The more information provided, the faster and easier the Grant Committees can review and recommend each grant with accuracy and confidence.

How Does The Grant Review Process Work?

A Canada Grant Committee and a U.S. Grant Committee have been appointed to review applications within their region and determine eligibility based on the grant criteria. Representatives from each of Alterra’s communities serve as members of both Grant Committees. After review, the Grant Committees provide recommendations to the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, which issues final approval of certain grants. Selected grant recipients will be notified of the final decision.

What Is The Granting Criteria To Receive Aid?

Assistance and relief are open-ended and include victims of current and future disasters, emergency or hardships due to the random and unknown nature of disasters and emergency situations. Examples of eligible grant recipients include:

  • Individuals temporarily unable to be self-sufficient as a result of a sudden and severe personal or family crisis.
  • Individuals in need of assistance with housing, childcare, or medical expenses due to a disaster.
  • Individuals in need of assistance due to trauma experienced as a result of a disaster or violent crime.
  • Organizations with a mission to support their community by providing disaster relief, emergency response, shelter, food security, family and/or child services, or other related services.
How Do The Grant Committees Make Their Recommendations?

Grant assistance amount and duration will be awarded based on the time span and severity of the disaster, emergency or hardship, as well as the Community Foundation’s ability to meet the requests of eligible individuals or organizations at a given time. The Community Foundation may consider the provision of additional assistance on a case-by-case basis.